Sure, Let’s Climb a Big Wall? – post#1 – What Have I Done?

Spring 2017.

Doesn’t sound too ominous.  Isn’t even that specific.  What’s the big deal?

That’s what I’m ruing…the big deal.

Like many an out of shape climber before me, I have now allowed myself to be pinned down to a time when I have committed to my long time climbing partner Billy, that I will embark with him on our first big wall climb (route TBD).

We have done some multi-pitch routes in the past, but nothing more than five or six pitches that we could get up and down ‘easily’ (;-) in a day.  We have never had to set up a real haul system, never set up a ledge more than 20 feet off the deck, have never had to aid multiple pitches and have never seconded an aid pitch with a traverse (sounds fun?).

Basically, much of what you need to do to get up a wall in a timely manner we have not really done.  Add to that the fact that I could probably count on two hands the number of times I’ve been out climbing on gear in the past ten years, and there is one obvious, glaring truth.

Billy and I are definitely not ready to climb a big wall.

This blog will document my journey from out of shape ex-climber trying to regain some semblance of fitness and competence in order to not die on the wall (or to be more specific, at the bottom of it), to terrified but prepared climber about to push through fear and get his ass up a damn wall.

I am hoping by writing it down it will help me stay on track with the goals that I know I need to meet in order to be ready to enjoy the experience.  Got to get back in shape, master the set-ups, and put some time in on the rock before tackling a big wall.

Come along for the journey, share your own experiences or experience it vicariously through mine.   One year, one goal, two foolish old climbers.  What could possibly go wrong?

Let’s climb a big wall!



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