Vote Canada In The 2016 US Federal Election. Yes We Can…ada?…ad a…ad eh? Watch Their Newest Ad

I did not think it was possible.  After having gone through two terms of George W, Rumsfeld and Cheney, and one election cycle with such intellectuals as Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Michele Bachmann, it seemed impossible that US electoral politics could devolve any further.

I guess that’s one thing about the US.  Never doubt their ability to do the impossible (especially the impossibly stupid).

Having now turned their election into a glorified reality TV show (how Republicans are not embarrassed by their candidates is beyond me), the US has finally shown that it makes absolutely no difference who is elected, or what is said in order to get elected.  The politicians don’t matter.

Except for Bernie, maybe.

As a citizen of the world I beseech you America.  If you are not going to vote for Bernie Sanders, please consider casting your vote for Canada to be the next President of the United States.

Thanks to Chris Cannon and Brian Calvert for making me laugh everytime I watch this video.  Check out their work at

Come on America, do what’s right for you and your country.  Let Canada lead you to a better way.

A way with guns, but less gun violence.

A way with health care, but less health care costs.

A way with rednecks, but a little less rednecky.

We know Canada’s not perfect, but holy f^&* you might elect Donald Trump as President and he might not even be the scariest one!

Please, please let Canada drive before you give Donald Trump the keys!





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