Urinals MGTOW? Are You Kidding Me?

I can’t tell if MGTOW is real or if it is just one giant troll.

I really hope it is one giant troll and one day I can tell my great grandkids “Sure, I remember the great MGTOW trolling prank of the 21st century.  Boy were we fooled into believing that those tools were real”.

The alternative is too embarrassing.  This is the video that someone shared with me that has led me to the conclusion that one day MGTOW will be identified as a social spectrum disorder.


I am not sure what has happened in the past decade, but it seems that there are more and more people identifying with some ridiculous idea and making senseless and idiotic claims from their new vantage point of ‘idiot with a dumb idea’.

What was once the sole province of religion  has now become available to anyone with an internet connection and a willingness to share meaningless information about themselves as if they were somehow making a profound statement.

I wonder how long the average MGTOW conversations go before someone brings up the moon landing hoax, reptilian presidents or a hollow earth?  Probably less than ten minutes, guaranteed less than thirty.

OK, you are a guy who has decided you are not going to fulfil the role you think women expect you to, you’re a ‘man going your own way’.

Who cares?   Why do you want to tell me?  Am I supposed to join you?  Are you recruiting?  Should I tell you something about myself?  Why the club and weird conspiracies?

Is it difficult being a MGTOW and you need a support group?  I mean, aside from the mocking you must get for naming it and talking about it like it is some profound decision, it doesn’t really matter, does it?

How is this a thing?  I can’t imagine the level of …OMG…I think I just figured it out.

Is this about having a micro penis or premature ejaculation or some other sexual or socio-sexual disability?

I’m sure not all MGTOW are afflicted.  There are enough lonely people out there who will identify with anything just to belong, but it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that there was a statistically significant increase in sexual disabilities amongst MGTOW as opposed to the general population.

I say that because there must be something to make it so personal to these guys because otherwise why did they need to start a club and talk about their decision so much.

I think I am going to follow your lead.  From this point forward I am going to start a club.

I am now a PGWTWWR.  (pronounced pig-wetter)

PGWTWWR are no longer going to wear the shackles of bladder control caused by the ignorance of others.

PGWTWWR have no patience for unnecessary line ups and will not allow societal norms to determine our bowel health.

PGWTWWR will use whichever washroom is open, be it male or female (providing it is a single occupant washroom that is currently unoccupied).

PGWTWWR will look forward to the day where all public washrooms are just rooms with stalls to go to the bathroom and not the battle place of weird micro-penis politics, or whatever the hell it is that MGTOW do.



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