About TAPP

In a ridiculous move to get back into climbing, I have committed to climbing a big wall next Spring (2017).  This blog is an attempt to keep me on track so that my first wall isn’t my last (unless by choice; it is quite possible it will be my last :)).

I am a dad to two daughters (12 and 8), and also sometimes may find the time to comment on issues that I feel does/will impact their lives (politics, religion, social justice).

I suppose I am also a shitlord extraordinaire, by virtue of being able to check off just about every single ‘privileged’ category were I to describe myself.  So if those things matter to you then I guess my opinions are de facto invalid and you needn’t bother read any of my non-climbing posts.

Thanks for visiting, I hope this blog will be as fun to read as it will be to write, and as fun to write as it will be to read, and that both of those are actually fun.